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Juggling Bubbles

Let’s see if you can juggle bubbles

(without them breaking)

hand%20bubble%20glove Juggling BubblesCan you make a soap bubble and then juggle it? Normally, no. That is because the oils in your skin break the surface tension of the water on the bubble. Let’s see if we can do TWO things to make you juggle bubbles.

(1) Make the surface tension stronger and

(2) prevent oils from breaking the bubble.


* 1 x pipette (or straw)                        * 1 x dish

* 1 x pair of wool / cotton gloves

* Some dish washing liquid                    * Glycerine


Download a PDF instruction page.download Juggling Bubbles

What’s Going On?

Video of Experiment

Normally (as examined in the floating paper clip experiment), there are strong forces between water molecules that hold them together.When a bubble forms, the water molecules are held together, BUT are pulled apart when:(1) The water molecules evaporate in the air causing the film to become thinner.

(2) The water film touches dirt / oil. The dirt causes the detergent to move around the dirt and make the water film weaker and thus the bubble bursts.


glycerin1 Juggling Bubbles
 The glycerin sits between the detergent molecules and reduces the amount of water that evaporates. Thus, causing it to last longer. As long as you wear gloves, or have wet hands, then you should be able to juggle the bubbles.